Satish Kaushik as common man in ‘Gali Gali Chor Hai’

Satish kaushik Gali Gali Chor Hai
Mumbai: Director-actor Satish Kaushik, known for his comic timing, says his role in Rumi Jafri’s "Gali Gali Chor Hai" is not unique. He just represents the common man.

"I don’t play any unique character and yet this character is important. I play the role of a common man," Kaushik said in a statement.

Set for a Feb 3 release, the film focuses on corruption and its affect on common man and Kaushik will be seen as a supportive father to Akshaye Khanna, the movie’s main protagonist.

Recently producer Nitin Manmohan and Jafri arranged a screening of the film for Anna Hazare and the people of Ralegaon Siddhi village. Actors Akshaye, Shriya Saran, Mugdha Godse and Annu Kapoor were also there.