Saviance brings Disney Institute to India

Mumbai: Technology solutions firm Saviance Technologies will be hosting Disney Institute’s professional development programs in five cities in India. Program attendees will learn about Disney’s best business practices and how they can adapt those principles to their organization. Each two-day event will give area business professionals an opportunity to ‘Experience the Business Behind the Magic’.

Saviance Technologies CEO & Founder Rohit Mahajan said, "Disney Institute is a leader in professional development programs, having trained more than a million people from 35 countries and 40 industries… Having attended these workshops before, I am extremely excited to introduce the ‘simple, yet powerful’ strategies that Disney applies in its daily business life, to the dynamic Indian business environment."

He added, "As a Disney Institute sponsor, Saviance Technologies also has the ability to customize the training for clients as per their requests. We encourage other organizations to participate and apply Disney’s magic to their own businesses."

Saviance will host the Institute in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. The two-day workshop will feature the following programs:  

Disney Institute is a leading provider of professional development in the areas of leadership, loyalty, management, service and creativity. It has served a wide variety of clients including IBM, GE, AT&T, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mao Clinic, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, McDonald’s, Nestle, Sony and more. Many of these Fortune 500 companies have operations in India.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts senior vice president George Aguel says, "We showcase philosophies and strategies that have made the Walt Disney World Resort a success – ideas that are easily adaptable to other organizations. We accomplish this by taking people inside the Disney operation, and showcasing on-stage and behind-the-scenes locations so attendees see firsthand how it all happens."

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