Sequel For Agneepath Being Planned?

MUMBAI: Director Karan Malhotra, riding high on the success of his directorial debut Agneepath, is now in two minds about what to do next.

While the blockbuster director would like to attempt something completely new and original as his second film, there is a lot of commercial pressure on Malhotra to do a sequel to Agneepath.While earlier right after the release of Agneepath  Malhotra completely discounted the idea of a sequel, now the director is in two minds. As a  matter of fact he,s doing some serious re-thinking on the issue.

Says a source close to Agneepath, "The response to the characters has been overwhelming. To let go of Sanjay Dutt’s Kancha Cheena and Rishi Kapoor’s Rauf Lala when they have acquired a status of franchisement would be a shame. Both Dutt and Rishi who have become close friends during the film’s making, have collectively expressed the desire to carry their character’s forward."

Producer Karan Johar who was until recently averse to sequels, is also not opposed to the idea of Agneepath 2.

Says the source, "Karan Johar’s Dharma was totally opposed to sequels. But they’re now doing Dostana 2 which was earlier stalled. And if Karan Malhotra comes up with a strong script for a sequel to Agneepath, Karan Johar won’t oppose it at all."

Despite protests of ‘characters-assassination’ Karan Malhotra is now  strolling on sequel street observing the landmarks along the way.

Says the director, "I am at the moment overwhelmed by what is happening to Agneepath. None of us expected it to go so far. Now that it has acquired a life of its own, I am not discounting the sequel. At the moment I don’t know how the story can be taken further since all the characters are dead. Even Vijay Deenanath Chauhan’s wife is dead.So we can’t bring him back in the form of a son. Regrettably I seem to have effectually killed the potential of a sequel by killing off the characters."

However Malhotra admits he is giving the sequel a serious thought. "At the moment I don’t know how it can happen. But who knows about tomorrow?"
For now after Agneepath Malhotra needs a serious break.

"For three years I’ve lived and breathed only Agneepath. My wife Ekta and I need to go on a holiday. I’ll take a call after my vacation. Whatever I do next would be original," promises Malhotra, hinting at a  life beyond the remake for Agneepath.

Farhan Akhtar remade the Bachchan classic Don and then he made an original sequel. A similar destiny awaits Agneepath.