Sequel to Delhi Belly not in the offing


    MUMBAI: Writer Akshat Varma and director Abhinay Deo discount any possibility of a sequel to Delhi Belly now or in the future.

    Speaking to, Varma says, “I really don’t know where that came from. We haven’t discussed a sequel at all. I lived with the script and characters of Delhi Belly for 12 years. I’ve had enough of them. At the moment Aamir is holidaying abroad. We will decide what to do next when he returns.”

    Deo adds, “I really don’t see Akshat or me carrying the Delhi Belly saga forward. I’ve three scripts, one of them a children’s film set in the 1940s. None of them is anywhere close to Delhi Belly in theme, spirit or language.”

    Varma says he used a lot of his own experiences in Delhi Belly. "In fact I’ve stolen many of my friends’ experiences and names. That’s the whole point of being a writer. You steal from other people’s lives. And by that I don’t mean you steal from DVDs (laughs). How would we know how to interpret life into art if we didn’t borrow from one for the other?"

    Moreover, Varma is all set to turn director next. "I hope it is as path-breaking as Delhi Belly. I hope to do quality work but I hope people don’t expect abusive language in all my work. I don’t want to be in a situation where such words are gratuitous or just to shock. I will take as much time to write and direct my next film as it takes."