Sequels in pipeline for Kher-starrer Mr Bhatti on Chutti


Mumbai: Producer of Mr Bhatti on Chutti Ashwani Chopra has announced two sequels to the film that stars Anupam Kher. He celebrated the completion of the venture with Kher and director Karan Razdan. All this, at the acting academy of Kher—An Actor Prepares.

The makers felt that film had the potential for a series as memorable as the Chaplain. Said Anupam, "In every actor’s repertoire he essays one role which he would like to be remembered, and which he would like to reprise. Mr Bhatti is one such role for me. I have been a staunch Chaplain fan all my life and if I achieve even one-tenth of what he did, it would be a remarkable achievement," he stated.

Talking about the sequels Chopra said, "Bhatti Bhatti Bang Bang is to be shot in Bangkok and Bhatti in China, obviously to be shot in China."

Anupam added that Mr Bhatti as a character was international and the aim was to make him an icon. Mr Bhatti was born in Nala Sopara, was a bank manager who kept thinking someone was following him, aspired to be a detective, had a fear of dogs, was shy of women, and was a staunch fan of Mr Bachchan. "He has the essence of being an Indian icon, globally," he avered.

Razdan added, "Bhatti with his sense of humor was actually tackling serious global issues. If you wish to say something serious, sometimes the best way to do it is with a sense of humor."

"The film is a comedy. But in the larger sense, it talks about Bhatti’s peace plan in a world ravaged by war and hunger. The film is also a celebration of Mr Amitabh Bachchan’s stardom. He plays Mr Bhatti’s conscience and also his inspiration," Razdan said.