Serial Kisser, Serial Killer and Serial Dancer in The Killer

Mumbai: “When a serial kisser, a serial killer and a serial dancer come together, a masala entertainment film is formed”, says Mukesh Bhatt at the press conference of his forthcoming film- The Killer.

The Killer is a one night story about an ambitious cab driver (Emraan Hashmi) who has an encounter with a killer (Irfaan Khan) who hijacks his cab. Life changes into a night mare and rollercoaster for the killer, the cab river and his love Nisha Kothari who is a bar dancer.

Well doesn’t this plot sound like that of Collateral? “The film is inspired from Collateral. We have drawn our own story according to the requirement of Hindi cinema. There situation of the hostage is taking is what is inspired from Collateral. We have added songs I the film and turned it into a masala entertainer film. The film was shot 80% in Dubai and was completed in a 55 day schedule” said Raksha Mistry & Hasnain Hyderabadwala directors of the film.

So are there any kissing scenes in the film? “The script did not require me and Emraan to have a kissing scene. So I lost the chance”, says Nisha.

The music of The Killer has been composed by Sajid – Wajid. Unlike other Emraan films the songs of this film are not a rage yet. “The songs took off on a slow note. We have tried to bring out a more classical romantic feel to the songs. But I’m sure when the audiences come out of the film they are going to love the songs even more. But the remixes have generated the right vibes amongst youngsters.”

The Killer has tied up with Intel for in- film branding, wherein Irfaan uses the Intel powered notebook and phone to access information to kill people. The film will be released in 300 plus prints on 21 st July.

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