Shabana Azmi meets her role model for women empowerment, Gloria Steinem

Shabana Azmi
MUMBAI: Shabana Azmi spent a large part of Monday evening living out a dream. She spent hours with the grand-mistress of the feminist movement Gloria Steinem.
Steinem flew quietly into Delhi earlier this week. Shabana, a long-standing admirer of Gloria’s beliefs has never made any bones of the fact that much  of her ideology as an actress and an individual has been moulded by Ms Steinem’s thoughts.
“She’s definitely a role-model,” says Shabana, who was in Dubai performing her long-running play ‘Tumhari Amrita’ and flew in to Delhi on Monday to meet Gloria Steinem. Steinem and Azmi’s meeting lasted much longer than it was expected to. It would be no exaggeration to say Shabana came satiated from the encounter.
Says Shabana, “Yes, I spent a glorious evening with my heroine Gloria Steinem in Delhi on Monday. I consider her a key figure in the feminist movement. We talked about the feminist movement, her emotional attachment to India. We also spoke about cinema and my project to educate and empower the girl child in my ancestral village in Mijwan.”
Shabana recalls the letter that Ms Steinem had sent her after watching Deepa Mehta’s ‘Fire’, “She found Fire deeply moving. I was emotionally connected to her since then.” Shabana had been introduced to Gloria Steinem as the ‘Melina Mercouri Of India’.
The two women parted with the promise of several crucial collaborations on matters that consider women’s empowerment.