Shah Rukh adds Nokia to endorsement kitty

MUMBAI: At a press conference held on Sunday morning, Nokia India formally announced its affiliation with Shah Rukh Khan for its new ad campaign.

As a part of this association, Nokia has already launched a TVC, directed by Pradeep Sarkar. As a part of the 360 degree campaign, print, outdoor, radio, online and digital media advertisements too will commence shortly.

Shah Rukh has been an avid Nokia user since last 10 years and this fact has been highlighted in the TVC. At the conference Khan mentioned he is a fan of Nokia Communicator series and has used practically all Communicator handsets. Khan stated, “I have a friend who works in the Nokia London office so I always land up getting the first communicator phone in India.”

When asked if he ever felt the need for a few customized features on his phone, Khan said, “You know, most applications are not used by most people, although I still try and use most of them like the camera etc. But speaking of customized features, I do wish they had an option to enlarge the font size, because my eye sight is getting weak now.”

Speaking further on cell phone etiquettes Khan said that he never carries his cell phone on the film sets. “I do not carry the cell phone on film sets because it interferes with sound and it is also a matter of etiquettes. I keep going back to my car to check my phone. Although for this Nokia conference I have been officially asked to carry my Nokia phone on the stage,” he grins.

Nokia India director marketing Devinder Kishore said, “Our association with Shah Rukh is the perfect coming together of the two leading brands in entertainment and mobility. Both have a youth connect, are trendy, technology savvy and symbolize trust.”

Khan added, “Nokia does not need to hard sell and increase sales. They are market leaders. Nokia is the best company worldwide. It is just a mater of brand association.”

When quizzed if Khan has been appointed as the brand ambassador for a particular tenure or is he the face of this particular campaign, Kishore said, “Well, Shah Rukh is the face of this campaign and we are sure his association with Nokia will continue in times to come.”

On a concluding note when Khan was asked if he prefers to endorse established brands or newer ones, he said, “When it comes to movies I can dabble into a new subject but since I am not very knowledgeable about products, I prefer endorsing products that already have a stand in the market. People will not buy a new product just because they see my face. And thankfully most leading companies in the world have already approached me. I prefer endorsing products that stand for excellence and ones that I use preferably, although I don’t use all the products that I endorse,” he adds quickly.

In the year 2007, apart from Nokia, Khan also added Dish TV to his brand kitty.