Shah Rukh Khan beats up Shirish Kunder – is an instant HIT


SRK & Sanjay Dutt

MUMBAI: Did Shah Rukh Khan beat Shirish Kunder? Was Shah Rukh Khan provoked? What was host Sanjay Dutt doing when the skirmish took place?

Loads of questions but has the answers… Shirish Kunder was thrashed by Shah Rukh Khan at Sanjay Dutt’s party held on Sunday night at a trendy watering hole in Mumbai’s Juhu area.

SRK had just finished hosting the much delayed Filmfare Awards at Film City, when he decided to drop in for Sanju Baba’s success party of Agneepath. Shirish Kunder had already downed a large quantity of alcohol and was on the offensive with other guests, much before SRK made his appearance. Sanju baba was aware of this state.

Once the director saw the superstar, he started his provocation. Said an eye witness, “SRK was provoked no less than 5 times, before he was given the go ahead by Sanjay Dutt, and SRK landed his first punch….” Others say that Sanju too got into the fray and gave a few blows to Shirish, before he was pulled back by his cronies.

That Shirish is not a popular guy in tinsel town and most tolerate him because he is the hubby of Farah Khan, is a known fact. And Shirish who tweeted after seeing Ra.One “I just saw a 150 crore firework “fizzle”, was already in SRK’s bad books.

While SRK known for his calm composure and also for the fact that he walks away from any form of provocation, must have been struck on a raw nerve to explode like this, say his close friends.

So on the weekend that Bollywood saw its first hit at the box office, it also saw star fireworks off the screen… After all, how can a Khan stay away from the limelight when there is a “hit”