Shah Rukh Khan is a special guest at Malaysian Grand Prix


MUMBAI: Some people have large hearts. Some people can win hearts. But few can do it better than Shah Rukh Khan. Winning fans comes easy for Shah Rukh Khan and that’s why he is now on his way to Malaysia to be a special guest for the Malaysian Grand Prix, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 4 April.


The superstar was in Kolkata on Thursday night to cheer his Indian Premier League team, the Kolkata Knight Riders against the Deccan Chargers. A beleaguered side after finishing last in the previous year, SRK bolstered his team’s spirits and finally saw his franchisee victorious.


Shah Rukh said, “I know our team has not been doing well, but we are fighting. Every game there is an attempt to do better than the previous match. Inshallah, everything will fall into place.” And everything did fall into place as Sourav Ganguly and his boys put up a fight that had them claiming victory.


When asked if he gave any advice to his team, Shah Rukh said, “Absolutely not. I do not interfere with anything related to the game. I leave that to the experts, Dave Whatmore and Wasim Akram. If I start giving them advice on how to play the game, they will start giving me advice on how to act, which I certainly do not want.”


A victory lap was essential by the superstar as excited KKR fans waited patiently for the presentation ceremony to get over. And it was not just the fans, but certain Deccan Chargers’  players too. Andrew Symonds waited patiently by the dugout and gifted the actor his t-shirt and Shah Rukh, the sport that he is, immediately wore it, without a thought that he was donning the opposition’s jersey.