Shah Rukh Khan makes Rituparna Sengupta’s dream come true


MUMBAI: Shah Rukh Khan has many admirers. But little did he realize that he would be helping someone realize her dreams this Durga Puja.

For Rituparna Sengupta, this year’s Durga Puja has been very eventful. Reminiscing about the time she spent with Khan, she said, “I finally shot with my screen idol. On the seventh day of Durga Puja, I shot an ad with Shah Rukh. For the Sona Chandi Chawanprash commercial, we were paired together as a couple.”

A busy actress Sengupta seldom shoots during the annual Durga Puja. She admitted, “For us Bengalis, shooting during the festivities is sacrilege. I never shoot as I would rather spend time with my family. Time flies during this period as I am always shopping, eating and dressing up. But this year was an exception as it meant working with SRK.”

Sengupta met Khan earlier when he had invited her to Eden Gardens to watch Kolkata Knight Riders play in the first edition of the Indian Premier League. Thereafter she joined him for a thalassemic awareness drive in Kolkata.

Sengupta however, had more to say about her hero. She said, “It is such a co-incidence that I am also doing a film called SRK with Vinay Pathak. It looks like that I have more than my fair share of SRK this year.”

Sengupta shot with Khan for a day for the ad.