“Shah Rukh Khan was just being a protective parent” : Karan Johar


Shah Rukh Khan with daughter

MUMBAI: While the Mumbai Cricket Association and the Mumbai Police is coming down hard upon the superstar, friends of Shah Rukh Khan from within the Indian Film Industry are in complete, and unconditional support of him.

Deeming his actions to be completely justified, film-maker Karan Johar was quick to tweet, "SRK is one of the best fathers i know….and protective about every child…he was being just that….a protective parent!!! Why blame a man who was just reacting as a father….who wouldn’t have done the same in his place???"

Anurag Basu too shared Johar’s thoughts and added he would’ve gone further in the scuffle with the MCA guards and "smashed their heads if it was my daughter".

Ronit Roy, inspired by Aamir Khan’s second episode of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ based on child sex abuse, stood up in defense of Shah Rukh tweeting, "His daughter was touched and shoved. He protected. Well done Dad!! At Wankhede, SRK was a father, not just an actor… Please don’t expect a father to apologise for protecting his baby. Satyamev Jayate."