Shahid offends Salman during Rockstar show


Salman along with Shahid, Kareena Kapoor and many other stars are currently on tour in the US for the Rockstar shows. It is learnt, during one of its stage shows Salman seems to have been offended by Shahid’s uncalled for suggestions to him. A veteran like him found it insulting to take tips about performing on stage from a four film old Shahid.

So angry was Salman that he refused to perform on stage there if he would see Shahid hanging around. Kareena’s attempt in brokering peace among the two also seems to have failed. Shahid apparently was heartbroken when he learnt the hot tempered Khan even wanted him ousted from the Rockstars tour. The show organisers who are having a tough time handling these star egos apparently din give into Salman’s demand.

Salman then hit back by coolly walking out of the Shahid-Kareena starrer Milenge Milenge. The film is waiting to be released for almost 2 years now. Its producer Boney Kapoor wanted Salman to do a cameo and perform an item number to ensure its quick release. But the showdown between the controversial Khan and Shahid has proved to be a spoke in the wheel for Boney’s plans. Salman seems to have called Boney and citing date problems opted out of the film.