Sharmila Tagore & Soha Ali Khan appointed brand ambassadors of Nizam

Mumbai: The Nizam Collection, coming from the house of Gitanjali Group, has appointed the mother – daughter duo of Sharmila Tagore & Soha Ali Khan as its brand ambassadors.

The campaign captures the essence of the brand symbolizing luxury, class and one-of-a-kind exclusivity with each piece. The film showcases how Nizam jewelry, known to make the wearer feel like a Royal Princess, seduces a modern day girl to bring out the lady in her. It involves an interaction between the mother and daughter while they are dressing up for a family occasion. Soha, who at first dismisses the traditional attire, converts herself to that look and the campaign captures those moments of transformation and transition that she goes through from being a modern looking girl to emerging as a royal princess as she adorns herself with Nizam jewelry.

The interaction between Sharmila and Soha makes the film believable and memorable.
Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan said, “Every woman aspires to look and feel like a Royal Princess, and it gives us great pleasure to associate with Nizam, which makes this deep cherished dream come true for the connoisseurs of jewelry and tastes. The jewelry reflects the rich heritage of the golden period in history which is reminiscent of the heritage that the Pataudi family is proud of.”