Shazahn Padamsee’s dream comes true


MUMBAI: Move over, Katrina…there’s a new girl in Ranbir Kapoor’s life. We are not talking of Ranbir’s love interests, but of his leading lady in his next film, Shazahn Padamsee. Shimit Amin’s latest film, Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year has a young debutant paired opposite the hugely popular matinee idol and the buzz is already created after the promos have hit television screens.


Shazahn Padamsee, the daughter of theatre personalities Alyque Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar is all set to set the silver screen ablaze with her debut film. Coming from the theatre field, Shazahn was called after Aditya Chopra saw her in a commercial. 


The young actress tells, "It has always been my dream that whenever I agree to do films, I would like to be launched by the Yash Raj banner. And that really came true for me when I was chosen to act in Shimit Amin’s film."


There were no workshops conducted for Shazahn for her foray into films. But then with the acting genes of her parents, Shazahn felt no discomfort or consciousness in facing the camera for the first time. She adds, "As I did advertisements, I was used to facing the camera. Dad always said that "just give it your 100%. Feel the emotion, don’t ever try to act. Step into the character’s shoes and don’t ever play the character." This advice I took to heart and followed it everywhere. He also said that, "Nervousness is just the negative side of excitement. So just programme the mind and use it like a coin to flip it and your nervousness will become your excitement."


As for mom, she is her "mom-a-ger". Explaining the term, Shazahn said, "She is my mom and my manager and a super cool one. So I just clubbed both the words and she is my mom-a-ger."


The bubby actress is also full of praise for her director and co-star who guided her through her first film. Rocket Singh-Salesman of the Year is expected to hit theatres on 11 December.