Shekhar Kapur readies animation movie


    MUMBAI: Director Shekhar Kapur has an animation film under his belt. Titled Suitable Cockroach, the film is being worked upon by animation studio, Prana. Kapur, who is known for his story telling, is scripting the film. The music of the film is by A R Rahman, who has also worked with the producer on Elizabeth -The Golden Age.


    The story of Suitable Cockroach revolves around the most hated Asian creature – the cockroach. What’s more, Kapur plans release the movie on the internet first, after which the theatrical release will follow.


    Speaking to, Kapur says, “I never go by what’s being done. The new media is a fascinating medium and I would love to experiment my film on the net. I intend to release it on first.”


    About the expected returns, he adds, “Downloads are the most expected returns for a film being out on net first. I will be setting a new trend.”


    Kapur has been approached by some animation studios to ink film deals. He informs, “I am in talks with an animation studio called Animal Logic based in Sydney. It will be a one film deal.”


    This apart, he is also planning to upload all his work in relation to Paani on the net in terms of designs, pictures and blogs. When queried on the reason behind this, he says, “I want my audience to get linked with the movie, so that when they watch the film they feel that they are a part of the cast and crew. It is wonderful to communicate, I am the producer-I can do it.”