Shemaroo brings Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga on mobile phones


    Mumbai: Shemaroo Entertainment has released Shilpa Shetty’s yoga DVDs and VCDs on mobile. The company has tied up with various mobile operators to offer content for download to mobile phone customers.

    The videos have been cut and edited such that each video captures one complete Asana. The Asanas are categorized according to the benefits they provide like Back Asanas, Stomach Asanas, Neck & Shoulder Asanas and Pranayam [Breathing] among others. Also on offer are detailed write-ups explaining the benefits and description of each Asana. Apart from these videos, consumers can also have Shetty in her Yoga poses as their mobile wall-papers and screen-savers.

    Vodafone is offering a pack of Rs 99 where the user can download unlimited Shilpa’s Yoga videos in one hour. The pack also contains a step by step process of each Asana. Likewise Airtel, Tata, Reliance, BPL and Idea are also offering Shilpa’s Yoga content for download.

    Shilpa’s Yoga is picturized on the scenic beach in Kerala with ceremonial elephants and Kalaripayattu fighters in the background. And the Asanas are demonstrated in a simplified manner.

    Directed by Manish Jha, under the instruction of Yoga instructor Shiv Kumar Mishra and produced by Shetty, the Yoga DVDs & VCDs were released in Delhi on 6 June where Shetty launched them along with other eminent personalities.

    During the launch of Shilpa’s Yoga DVDs & VCDs, Shetty said, "Unlike other fitness regimes, we do not have to rely on equipments for practicing yoga; we just have to rely on our self. The objective of Shilpa’s Yoga is to make ‘practicing yoga’ simple for people. I am completely overwhelmed by the beauty and power of yoga. It is a lifestyle choice."

    Adds Shemaroo Entertainment director Hiren Gada, "We wanted to give consumers anytime, anywhere access to Shilpa’s Yoga content. The DVD and Digital sales, both compliment each other. Many consumers decide to buy the complete DVD after sampling the videos on their mobile phone. Mobile operators also see value in offering this content to their consumers."

    Shilpa’s Yoga Mobile downloads are also available on