Shemaroo conducts yet another piracy raid


    MUMBAI: Under the supervision of Gnanchand Maroo – who heads the anti piracy team at Shemaroo Entertainment – the anti piracy team at Shemaroo went to meet Mane Saheb of S.S. Branch to discuss and take action on the massive piracy at Bohivada, Parel.


    He provided them with protection of four officers, namely PI Mane and PSI Chavan among others for this big raid. Further, Shemaroo anti-piracy team along with these officers marched towards Bohivada, Parel and raided a manufacturing unit.


    Here they seized 12,000 DVDs/ VCDs including new releases like Om Shanti Om, Saawariya, Bhool Bhulaaiyan, Bal Ganesh and many other films in large quantities, along with television, printer, scanner, copier, computer, two writers [four in one] worth Rs 11 million (Rs 1.10 crores) [as per market value].


    The pirate’s names disclosed are Swapnil Aacharekar and Ruchik Rajan Ghadiyali.