Shemaroo Entertainment releases Machuca and The Killing Fields on DVDs.

MUMBAI: Shemaroo Entertainment  has released Machuca and The Killing Fields on DVDs.

Machuca is a Spanish film with subtitles in English, directed by Andres Wood. The film is set in Chile in 1973 and is about two 11 year-old boys who live in Santiago, the former in a wealthy neighborhood and the latter in a recently created, illegal shantytown. There is a huge invisible wall dividing these two separate worlds. One of these hopeful dreamers is the headmaster at a private parochial school. With support from the parents of his students, he admits children from the poor shantytown families into his elitist school. He is determined they will learn to respect each other. That is why Pedro Machuca is in the same class as Gonzalo Infante. The friendship between them is full of discoveries and surprises. But in addition to the practical difficulties involved in this attempt at integration, there are others caused by the open social confrontation taking place in Chilean society.

While The Killing Fields is an English film directed by Roland Joffe. It is about Sydney Schanberg  who is sent to Cambodia in 1972 as the New York Times’ correspondent, to cover the growing war between the country’s revolutionary Khmer Rouge and the government. His Cambodian assistant, journalist, translator & friend is the kind and knowledgeable Dith Pran. To the correspondent, Pran is indispensable. But when the victorious Khmer Rouge troops take the capital of Phnom Pehn, their lives change forever.

Both the DVDs are priced at Rs. 349 each.