Shemaroo marks RD Burman birth anniversary


MUMBAI: Shemaroo Entertainment has released an R D Burman Song Compilation VCD and DVD value pack to mark the 68th birth anniversary of the later composer.

The VCD Pack called R D Burman – The Immortal Collection, is a six VCD Pack consisting of 72 immortal R.D.Burman melodies, categorised into ‘King of Romance’; ‘King of Melody’; ‘RD – Asha: The Magical Duo’; ‘King of Masti’; Rhythm and the last one showcasing Pancham’s various moods.

The two DVD Packs called Ultimate Unremix consists of two discs each, full of R D Burman tracks. These DVD Packs also share interesting details about the year of release, names of the singers, lyricist and the like, which have been superimposed on each song in the DVD products.

DVD Pack 1 called Ultimate Unremix Vol 1 has one disc of 25 romantic songs composed by Burman from popular films and another disc of 25 rich songs composed by him for his favourite singer Asha Bhosle. DVD Pack 2 called Ultimate Unremix Vol 2 has one disc of 25 classic RD tracks and another disc of 25 hidden gems, which has selective rare songs composed by Burman.

The VCD Pack is priced at Rs 299 and each DVD Pack is priced at Rs 299.