Shemaroo releases Yatra home video


MUMBAI: Goutam Ghose’s Yatra has been released by Shemaroo Entertainment on VCDs and DVDs.

Yatra, a multi-layered film, basically talks of a writer’s journey where his real life gets mingled with the characters of his novel.

While Nana Patekar plays the writer (Dashrath Joglekar) as well as the protagonist of his award winning novel ‘Janaza’, Deepti Naval plays his wife in Yatra. The story of his novel is inspired from the writer’s own reality and experiences. Rekha plays Lajwanti, a courtesan by profession, who is one of the mysterious characters from the writer’s novel. The writer is eventually seen becoming obsessed with Lajwanti.

The Shemaroo VCD is priced at Rs 149 and the DVD is priced at Rs 299.