Shemaroo releases Osho discourses on DVD


MUMBAI: After releasing the first set of Osho Talk DVDs titled ‘Art of Loving’, ‘How to relax with yourself’, ‘How to be Really Alive’, and ‘Loving and accepting yourself’, Shemaroo Entertainment has now released two more Osho Discourses, The Transforming Power of Sex and Enjoying Aloneness on DVDs for Osho followers and aspiring Osho lovers.

In the Transforming Power of Sex, Osho talks about a natural and joyful approach to sex, free of all the guilt and shame associated with it.

In Enjoying Aloneness, Osho shares his own experience and talks about being alone and how only when in contact with our own being can we make authentic contacts with others.

Shemaroo Entertainment director Hiren Gada shares his thoughts, "Being able to keep OSHO and his Philosophy alive through DVDs is a great honor for Shemaroo. This dual benefit of watching and listening to Osho through DVDs has really worked well for us and we are happy that the audience has appreciated and complemented the DVDs."

Osho International Foundation’s Devendra Bharti also states, "We are happy and we appreciate Shemaroo’s efforts to bring an understanding of the time less wisdom of OSHO to the general public and the young generation in particular."

Licensed from Osho International Foundation Pune, these two new releases on DVD are priced at Rs 299.