Shemaroo releases three English home videos


MUMBAI: Shemaroo Entertainment was recently added three movies to its international catalogue of home video, by releasing English films: Left Luggage, Me & Will and Quest for Fire.


Dutch actor/filmmaker Jeroen Krabbé’s film ‘Left Luggage’ is an enthralling drama which stars Isabella Rossellini, Laura Fraser, Adam Monty, Jeroen Krabbé and Topol among others. It is the story of a sensitive post holocaust view of European (Belgian) society, particularly centered on the emotional and psychological “baggage” of the “survivors” which succeeding younger generations must sort out and come to terms with.  The gradual revelations mostly unfold in the mind and experience of a young Jewish girl whose personal integrity and spunk bring to the viewer a warm and sensitive understanding of the human damage which continues to shape much of Europe today.


The cinematography of this film is by Walther van den Ende, who has done the camera work for ‘No Man’s Land’ which won the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film in 2002.



‘Me & Will’ – a journey of two women is an intense road movie packed with emotions and sex appeal. Directed by Mellisa Behr/ Sherrie Rose, this drama stars Sherrie Rose, Jason Hall, Bret Domrose, Kenau Reeve and Melissa Behr. 


The story revolves around two Los Angeles women who escape from a drug rehabilitation centre and make their way on their motorcycles to American Highway in search of the legendary chopper ridden by Peter Fonda in ‘Easy Rider’. The two women bond and they vow to stay off drugs until they reach their destination. The road trip, of these two emotionally disturbed protagonists, where they meet a handful of colourful characters – makes Me & Will a pleasurable experience.


There is no doubt that Me & Will is a cult film among motorcycle enthusiasts. Moreover the movie scores a brownie since it has women as bikers. Me & will also has an exclusive soundtrack featuring Dog Star – the band of Keanu Reeves, who is a popular icon amid women and youth.


 ‘Quest for Fire’, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud is an adventurous film, staring Everett Mcgill, Ron Perlman, Nicholas Kadi and Rae Dawn Chong. 


The film has won the Oscar, 1983 and BAFTA Film Award, 1983 for the best Make-Up. It has also bagged the Saturn Award for the Best International Film and the Golden Globe for the Best Foreign Film.


Quest for Fire follows the lives of four tribes of early man – each with their own customs and stages of development. As they all face perilous terrain, human rivals and savage predators, one peaceful tribe searches for the element that will bring comfort and safety to all of mankind, that’s fire.