Shilpa Shetty likes the spoof on her item number

Shilpa Shetty
MUMBAI: Ritesh Deshmukh and Tusshar Kapoor have imitated Shilpa Shetty in their upcoming sex comedy ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum’. It is a spoof on her hugely popular item number UP-Bihar Lootne (Shool, 1999). Rumours were doing the rounds that Shilpa was not impressed, but a source close to her says that the rumours are baseless.
In fact, it seems that she herself gave the green light to the act! “Before doing the song, the producers of the film had taken permission from the actor. And Shilpa took it in good spirit and gave them the green light. So, she is not miffed at all, she was aware of the song being made,” the source adds. Additionally, producer Ekta Kapoor personally showed her the video of the song a couple of days ago and Shilpa felt that the makers have done a great job.
The spoof is supposed to be quite different from the original song. And the Ritesh-Tusshar duo reportedly shot for almost 12 hours in the night and has kept it as raunchy as possible, in keeping with the overall theme of the film.