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With no godfather or family into the business of movies, but armed with confidence for starters, Shilpa Shetty joined Bollywood. She came to be considered ‘star’ material when her very first film, Baazigar where she was paired opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Her role, though a small one, was full of substance and one expected her to hit it off big from there itself, but so was not the case.

Shilpa Shetty, with her unconventional looks, may have worked with the ‘A’ listers including Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Govinda and even Amitabh Bachchan, but her career has remained inert. Some of her remarkable films have been
Mein Khiladi Tu Anari with Akshay Kumar, Gambler with Govinda, Auzaar with Salman Khan and Lal Badshah with Amitabh Bachchan. The first ever ‘big’ hit of her career came with Dhadkan where she starred opposite Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty, the film was the year’s biggest musical hit.

From wild hairdos in her debut film
Baazigar, to the straight look in her latest film Shaadi Karke Phas Gaye Yaar Shilpa Shetty has without a doubt come a long way. Here the actress talks exclusively to’s Johnny Vaz and Ashok Anchan about Shaadi Karke Phas Gaye Yaar, her forthcoming films and her views on the recent bomb blasts.

Tell us something about your role in Shaadi Karke Phas Gaye Yaar?
When I was in bad phase of my life, this movie came to me. This film will be always be close to my heart. I play the character of Ahana. She is someone who has been brought up with a modern outlook. Her mother believes that a woman is no lesser than a man is. It is a situational comedy. The situations do happen in real life but the audience will find it comical. The character in the film is very endearing. She marries Salman and then realises life is not a bed of roses and faces many problems. Then in the end understands that one has to make adjustments in life.

What is the USP of the film?
The script, the music and Salman Khan. There are some amazing songs in the movie, situational songs and I have many opportunities to show my dancing prowess since dancing is my forte. Salman is a huge star and nobody has seen him in this avatar. He is extremely cute in the film. His pairing with me works and he we share an excellent chemistry on screen.

What do you have to say about the rumours with Anubhav Sinha? Of late, you have been involved in controversies.
I have clarified myself. I do not want to talk about it now. I think my life’s biggest highlight is my personal life. Time will reveal all and you will know the truth someday.

What about the case that was made against you by the Madras Court?
Yes, I want to mention that I was terribly upset with the media for writing that it was a non-bailable warrant. Please, I am not a criminal and get your facts right before mentioning anything like that. The warrant was issued against me for exposing in some pictures and for what for showing my navel. Even the judge was surprised at the pictures. The matter has been cleared. I think people who take such advantage to seek publicity should be punished.

What are your views on marriage?
Women are on par with men in life today. They are educated and their views have changed regarding life they are much more confident. I don’t feel it’s wrong to be confident. I think that is why marriages are breaking in India. I believe that you should get married to the right man and believe in the institution of marriage and believe that God has made someone for everyone in life. I also believe that relations are important and it has to culminate in marriage. My friends say it’s a bad institution. However, I have seen my parents and they are happily married and I feel it’s going to work. I hope I meet the right man someday. We are a very closely knit family and I am very close to my mother. We are one family and I would like my life in future to be that way.

You have been in the industry for more than a decade, what have you actually learned?
Every day I learn something new. First, you have to have luck in order to survive in this industry. You may be a talented person, but destiny plays an important role too. Besides, you should be hard working and truthful toward your work. And most importantly, it always works for you, if you are a good human being.

Tell us about your forthcoming films?
I have Anil Sharma’s Apne with Sunny and Bobby Deol. The film also stars Dharmendra, Katrina Kaif and Kirron Kher. Then I have just signed Anuraag Basu’s Metro with Kay Kay and Shiny. I am looking forward to the film since I will be working with them for the first time.

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