Shilpa Shetty to essay Don’s role in film


MUMBAI: Shilpa Shetty will be seen in a movie titled Shilpa the Big Don.


The movie is directed by D. Rajendra Banu. The movie also stars Kannad actor Upendra and Radhika.


Shilpa the Big Don revolves around the confrontation between the hero and heroine brought up in different atmospheres. The hero is an auto driver brought up in a middle class environment, but he is friendly and jovial. But the heroine of the film who is brought up in a rich family background is boorish and loathsome to the hilt. She goes to any extent to recover the loan given to the poor and has designed various crude methods to recover the money. She is in fact the daughter of a money lady don.


The movie is slated for a release in the first week of the January 2008. It is made under the banner of Dolphin International and is produced by A.K.J.Nehru and A N Akbar Basha.