Shilpa Shetty turns into a full time marketing manager


    MUMBAI: "I am a Shetty and business runs in my blood," claims the newly wedded Shilpa Shetty aka Mrs Raj Kundra. The actress is just back from her Valentine spa holiday in a spa resort in Dubai. And flush from her rest, Shilpa is in full business mode to kickstart her latest business ventures.

    "Iosis is the chain of spa salons that I have opened in Mumbai city. Post the success of my two branches, one in Khar and the other in Andheri, I will be opening my latest in Ghatkopar. Plans are fully on and I hope to start it very soon."

    In the spa business for two years now, Shilpa has been to several acclaimed international spas to ensure hers is of the best quality. She quipped, “When Raj asked me what would I want for this year’s Valentine, without a second thought I suggested we get ourselves a spa holiday. That way we can relax and also plan what we want from our spas."

    Every inch the business person, Shilpa is next working on her Shilpa Curries. This will mark her entry into the eatery business in London where these curries will have less than 10 % fat. Reflects Shilpa, “Indian foods have become global and curry is an essential in our cuisine. But with a lot of oil content, the modern weight watcher is reluctant to try out these curries. So to ensure that we give them a taste of our curries with as little fat as possible, makes it a good proposition. It has taken me time to get the ingredients and recipe to be perfect, but I guess it’s going to be worth it."

    Shilpa is also looking into the marketing aspects of her IPL franchisee, Rajasthan Royals. This is what the excited owner had to say, “We first experimented with big moustaches and turbans in South Africa, which became a great hit. So we have taken it a step further and announced our mascot, a tiger called Mr.Moochoo Singh. An animated version has already been incorporated in the existing Halla Bol video of Rajasthan Royals."

    Shilpa rattles on about her marketing deals… It is a revelation to see the actress assume the role of a marketing person in such a quick span of time. But that’s Shilpa Shetty Kundra for you.