Sienna Miller spreads Global Cool in India


MUMBAI: Aiming to achieve a slowdown in global warming in the next 10 years, the Global Cool foundation is mobilising people against global warming.

The foundation is backed by some of the biggest names in the entertainment business, including the likes of Amitabh Bachchan and Sienna Miller.

Miller is currently in India promoting the cause.

In an exclusive conversation with, the actress highlighted the need for being a part of this initiative. “I think it’s important. I want to have children and a planet that is actually around for hundreds of years and not totally destroyed by floods, earthquakes and hurricanes. And besides I think it is our responsibility towards our planet,” she says.

While the Hollywood ‘A’ lister has been in India for a few days now, she is leaving no stone unturned in getting Bollywood celebrities involved in the cause. Stars like Bipasha Basu and Salman Khan are pitching a hand to support this initiative. “We are just trying to raise awareness in India and hopefully set a structure in place for the next decade to try and reverse the damage that has been done. The Bollywood actors I have met have a huge voice among the Indian people and so it’s great, they all have been fantastic and helpful. They all believe in the cause,” Miller says.

Speaking about her current film assignments, she adds, “I just finished a film called The Edge of Love with Keira Knightly and will be starting another one called Hippie Hippie Shake Shake in September.”

More recently at the IIFA ceremony, the actors walked the Green Carpet instead of the conventional red one, in a bid to promote the message of reducing global warming.