Soch Lo’s screenplay to be acquired by Oscars

MUMBAI: The screenplay of the film Soch Lo will soon find its place in the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Director of the film Sartaj Singh Pannu, who made his debut as a director and actor with the film has been contacted by The Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for acquiring a copy of the screenplay of the movie for the permanent Core Collection.

The movie that had released on 27August , 2010 didn’t fare well at the box office but was critically acclaimed at various international platforms. Soch Lo  also qualified for Independent Spirit Awards, 2011, Colorado in the Foreign Film category.

Pannu says, “It’s a great honor when we got a request from the academy that they wish to showcase the screen play of Soch Lo. The script would be made accessible for research purposes for students, filmmakers, writers and actors and among their regular patrons. For an independent film in India it’s a milestone!”

“I would say the entire journey of shooting to the release was overwhelming and this news has given us new encouragement. We are working on paced action thriller which will be announced shortly,” he adds.