“Sometimes Pain Connects People”, Singapore, UAE share the tears of Kashmir Files to mark its glory!!

The film, which has been a controversial topic since its release, has received censor clearance from two nations where it was previously prohibited, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. 

The director announced his triumph on social media, announcing that The Kashmir Files had been given censorship approval with no cuts! Whilst some in India have called the film Islamophobic, it has been approved by a richly cultured Islamic country after 30 days of scrutiny. 

It is also to note that the film certified 18+ in India is rated 15+ in the UAE.

Although Muslim groups in both nations took some time to pass the film, unlike those condemning it without even watching it, Muslim groups and representatives agreed that the film is about humanity and anti-terrorism. It does not intend to harm the community. 

One of the cast members, Anupam Kher, also revealed the achievement. His exhilaration on the censorship clearance with the 200 crore mark is visible through his tweet, “Har Har Mahadev! #TheKashmirFiles finally releasing in #UAE on 7th April!”. 

The film will premiere in the United Arab Emirates on April 7th and later in Singapore. Vivek Agnihotri, the director, and his wife, Pallavi Joshi, have been invited to testify to the British Parliament on Kashmere Pandits’ plight. The film is warmly welcomed all across the world.

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