Sonam Kapoor’s IIFA stage tales


MUMBAI: Sonam Kapoor is still on a high. The actress opened the IIFA Awards ceremony when she performed in Macau last week. It was her first stage show and the actress’ efforts were well received from the 15,000 strong audience who had thronged the Cotai Arena to see their favourite Bollywood actors.

Sonam’s act was choreographed by Shiamak Davar as she danced to a medley of songs from Sawaariya and Delhi 6. After the huge appreciation, the actress declared to, "My heart was thumping. I think it was a bit slower after the show than what it was prior to it. I just saw a sea of faces, but I concentrated on my steps and things went smoothly."

Post the performance, Sonam rushed to her dad, Anil Kapoor for his expert comments. And this is what he had to say, "I think she was a bit nervous when she started. But after the initial nervousness, she took pleasure in her dancing and thereafter was fine."

Sonam was however, a wee bit nervous about any wardrobe malfunctioning while dancing and so she had taken several precautions. With a big grin on her face, she confessed, "I wore my track pants and jacket beneath my outfit. As it was sheer, the black track suit looked like a body suit. Thereafter I was not scared of anything going wrong."

After a successful debut on stage, Sonam is all set to conquer new boundaries. With one more award ceremony to round up the year’s award events, Sonam is perhaps ready to try her hand at one more stage performance to give her that extra shot of confidence. However till then, Sonam can enjoy all the accolades that have come her way.