Sonu Sood’s injury puts Telugu Dabangg on dread alert


MUMBAI: To avoid grave losses stars need to guard themselves against injuries while shooting. Actor Sonu Sood, who is doing both the Telugu and Tamil remake versions of Dabangg, didn’t know what hit him when he had a painful leg injury recently.

The timing for the mishap couldn’t have been worse. Sood was scheduled to shoot crucial action scenes with Amitabh Bachchan in Bbuddah and then proceed to Hyderabad to do the bare-chested hand-to-hand combat with the Telugu Dabangg’s hero Pavan Kalyan.

The shooting of the Telugu Dabangg started recently. The crew was to shoot the climactic hand-to-hand combat between the hero and villain first. With Sood’s leg swollen to thrice its normal size, his movement is restricted.

Speaking to, Sood says, "The director of Gabbar Singh (that’s what the Telugu Dabangg is called) started with non-action sequences because my leg needs rest. I’ve already shot some very difficult action scenes with the injured leg."

To go back a bit in the pain zone… recently while practising for a CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) match with Salman Khan and the rest of the team, Sood was hit badly on his leg and suffered a hairline fracture. Ironically, Sood had to start shooting heavy-duty stunts for Puri Jagannath’s Bbuddah the next morning. This happened to be the last few days of the film’s shooting and the fight sequences had to be re-shuffled to accommodate Sood’s injured leg.

Sood laughs, “That’s quite a lot of adjustment that my foot has to pay for. But when you see those action sequences in Bbuddah you will never believe that I ran and jumped with my fractured and swollen foot. It is painful but worth it because it happened when I was rehearsing for Salman’s CCL match. We have four major matches coming up in the South and we need to be on our toes.”

After hearing of Sood’s injury Salman Khan has constantly been inquiring worried that the man of the match may be out of circulation.

Adds Sonu, “The team does depend on me. I’m sure my leg would be fine by the time the matches are played.”