Sony & Eros’ multiplex battle continues


MUMBAI: In a meeting held at the Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Mumbai office this morning (Monday, 22 October), Sony Pictures and Eros International have put forth a revised revenue sharing model with multiplexes for their forthcoming Diwali releases – Saawariya and Om Shanti Om respectively. However, no decision has been reached yet.

It may be recalled that was the first to report on the revenue sharing demands of the two corporate giants last week.

As per the latest development on that front, Sony and Eros have brought down the ratio of 50:50, 45:55 and 35:65 for the first, second and third week respectively from their previous demand of 50:50 for first two weeks and 40:60 for third and fourth week.

This incidentally is also the current revenue sharing model between Yash Raj Films and the multiplexes. Sources inform that if multiplexes do succumb to the demands of Sony and Eros, it may result in Yash Raj increasing their share for the next year, which in turn will be tough for multiplexes.

On the other hand, the model put forth by multiplexes is 48:52, 38:62 and 30:70 for initial three weeks for the Bombay territory and 50:50, 40:60 and 30:70 for other territories in India.

Since no decision has been arrived at and no agreements have been signed upon as yet, it may result in multiplexes removing the publicity material from their properties.

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