Sony, Eros negotiate for equal shows, terms


    MUMBAI: As the release date of this year’s most awaited movies Saawariya and Om Shanti Om is getting closer, their producers are stepping up on the marketing and promotions activities and distributors on theatre bookings.

    Producers Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Shah Rukh Khan are wishing luck to each other but at the same yearning for their own movie to receive a better public response. Meanwhile distributors of the both these movies, Sony Pictures India (Saawariya) and Eros International (Om Shanti Om) have come together to jointly approach multiplexes in granting both movies equal number of shows as well as equal revenue sharing terms.

    Pertinent to note here that last month Eros International and Sony Pictures had announced an alliance, wherein the two companies would co-invest in Hindi movies. So, is there any rivalry? The two companies jointly approaching multiplexes will ensure good business for both companies. But it doesn’t end here. What makes for bigger business, is them asking for unheard of revenue sharing terms.

    Sources inform, “The revenue sharing terms that Sony and Eros are asking for is much more than that of Yash Raj’s also. They are looking at 50 per cent share for the first two weeks, followed by 40 per cent share in the third and fourth week.”

    Yash Raj Films, on the other hand, shares 50 per cent revenue in the first week followed by 45 per cent and 35 per cent in the subsequent two weeks.

    A meeting between the concerned parties is likely to take place early next week where the matter will be discussed and the terms may be further negotiated.

    Considering the fact that there is great hype surrounding these films and they are releasing during the festive and vacation period, the opening of these films is bound to be astounding.

    Also since no other Bollywood movies are releasing on 9 November, the multiplexes will have only these two movies to play until 23 November when UTV’s Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal and Eros’ Dus Kahaniyan release in theatres.

    Sony Pictures’ all India distribution head Kercy Daruwala says, “To avoid unnecessary clash, we thought Om Shanti Om and Saawariya should get the same terms. Later, let the audience decide, which movie is better.”

    When asked for a confirmation on revenue sharing figures Daruwala added, “Matters are still under discussion; hence we have not arrived at a decision.”

    Eros officials remained unavailable for comment at the time of filing this story.

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