Sony PS2 loaded with Singstar Bollywood


    MUMBAI: Sony Computer Entertainment in partnership with music companies Sony BMG and T-Series is bringing a new look to the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system with the launch of Singstar Bollywood, an exclusive way to enjoy social gaming.


    This is expected to open a new market for Bollywood music.


    While Singstar franchise is available internationally, in India it will be available in the Bollywood avatar. Singstar Bollywood was conceived and created keeping in mind the huge potential of the Bollywood franchise, not just in India but across the world. Singstar Bollywood allows you to unleash your inner diva and create your own little reality show contests.


    A change from traditional games, the Singstar Bollywood range offers to liven up get-togethers at home or create an occasion from scratch. SingStar Bollywood eases friends and family into participation and having a gala time at center stage singing belting out hot and current favorites from chart-topping stars. With microphones in hand, aspiring pop stars can make the most of the opportunity to perform to their hearts content right there in their living rooms and perform along with their favorite artists, singing their favourite solos and duets. 


    Singstar provides a party experience that introduces you to the concept of singing not just for and out of fun, but also for star approval based on how accurately you croon to your chosen song. Your rating is based on factors such as pitch and timing, with the added incentive of being able to sing along or against a partner, or even with a group of friends in a variety of different modes.


    According to an official statement, the Day 1 order for Singstar Bollywood across India, Middle East and the UK alone has surpassed many other such regional ventures. Based on this response, Sony Computer Entertainment has already started work on the next few in the series.