Star Gold to air Dr Dolittle on 28 Oct

MUMBAI: Star Gold will air the Eddie Murphy starrer Dr Dolittle in Hindi on 28 October at 8.30 pm.


Murphy stars as Dr John Dolittle a modern-day San Francisco physician whose life turns topsy turvy when his car accidentally hits a dog on the road. The film is based on Hugh Lofting’s children’s story (1998).


Dr Dolittle also stars Ossie Davis as Archer Dolittle and Oliver Platt as Dr. Mark Weller. Garry Shandling, Julie Kavner, and Albert Brooks have lent their voices to the animals in the film.


The movie shows a young John Dolittle who has the unique ability to communicate with animals. He speaks to his pet dog, a dream a lot of us must have seen as kids. One night when he nearly runs over a dog with his car the dog yells “bonehead” and disappears.


This revives his childhood ability of communicating with animals. Dr Dolittle treats any and every animal right from a pigeon to a tiger. Soon, many animals from rat to horse flock to his place to get medical advice. All this sudden attention to animals makes his colleagues and family suspicious of his mental state John Dolittle is caught in a web of confusion as his family is on the verge of breaking up and his colleagues want to send him to a mental institution and sell the clinic he works in. Amongst all this confusion, a circus tiger falls ill and life changes completely.

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