Star Gold to air Rajnikanth’s Muthu Maharaja


MUMBAI: Star Gold in its slot, Ek Break Express, will be featuring the hindi dubbed version of the Tamil hit movie Muthu Maharaja on 29 July at 1 pm. The film is directed by K S Ravikumar and stars Rajnikanth, Meena and Sharat Babu.

Raja (Sharat Babu), son of Sivakami (Jaya Bharathi), is crazy about plays. Muthu (Rajnikanth) is their servant. Raja loves Ranganayaki (Meena), a theatre artiste. When Muthu rescues Ranganayaki from some thugs, she falls in love with him. Raja comes to know that Muthu and Ranganayaki love each other.

The two men are about to clash when Sivakami informs Raja about Muthu’s ancestry. Overhearing this, Muthu leaves his employer’s household. How the lovers unite and Raja and Muthu get together again forms the rest of the story.