Star India & Reliance Broadcast Network launch Big Star Entertainment Awards

    MUMBAI: Reliance Broadcast Network has joined hands with Star India in an alliance to create a unique platform called Big Star Entertainment Awards, which honours entertainers across genres like movies, music, television and sports.

    The awards will have a completely audience driven selection process, from nominations to the final winners, ensuring the award recipients are truly the people’s choice.

    The Big Star Entertainment Awards marks the first of a slew of properties from this alliance. The Big Star Entertainment Awards will reach out to Indians across the country through each of the media platforms of both companies, ensuring multiple touch points to audiences.

    Premiering on 31 December, 2010 at 10 pm on Star Plus, Big Star Entertainment Awards has been conceptualized by RBNL’s experiential marketing arm, Big Live. The property will see promotion through Reliance Broadcast Network’s verticals like 92.7 BIG FM, Big Street, Big  Live and Big Digital.

    This is the first award platform that democratizes the awards platform by giving audiences the opportunity to nominate their favorites personalities in movies, music, theatre and sports in the award categories.

    Reliance Broadcast Network CEO Tarun Katial said, "We are very proud to announce the Big Star Entertainment Awards, an award with a high degree of consumer centricity and representing all Entertainment genres Indian’s love. Our endeavour with this property is to celebrate entertainment the way audiences consume and enjoy it. Today’s discerning audiences are tough to please and they seek entertainment that is unique, interactive and highly engaging. Through this property, we empower them to decide who their favourite entertainers are. Delivered through engaging ideas and multiple touch points, this is a truly integrated property that is bound to create unprecedented impact, in its first year itself."