Subhash Ghai launches Zoom’s reality show Bollywood Club


Mumbai: Subhash Ghai has launched Zoom’s reality show called Bollywood Club that offers aspirants an opportunity to get a big break in films.

Shruti Seth, the anchor for Bollywood Club, stand up comedian Shakeel and television stars Rohit and Ronit Roy were also present at the launch.

Ghai gave the mahurat shot and commented,"There is a lot of talent in this country which is going unnoticed because people take years to find that one window of opportunity. Bollywood Club is an attempt to bring such talented aspirants one-step closer to achieving their dreams. I have seen some great talent here today and hope to see some of it in the industry soon."  

Bollywood Club will showcase talent, emotions and the joys and thrills of meeting with celebrity producers, directors, lyricists and choreographers. On the other side, it will bring to light real-life stories of struggling artists who have the most heart-wrenching anecdotes to share. Unlike other programmes masquerading as reality shows, Bollywood Club does not promise any kind of gratification at the end. It simply turns cameras on the unending sagas of struggle that unfold daily in the race for stardom.

According to Zoom’s business head MK Anand, "With a fresh new format unlike anything currently on Indian television, Bollywood Club will pack in a punch by showing the real story of strugglers. By bringing people who make a difference in Bollywood under one roof, here is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who have dreamt of being part of the industry. It is for those who have been stuck because of not knowing the route. We have provided all the tools. Now, we can only hope that luck shines on these aspirants who have struggled for so long."