Success Isn’t Achieved Overnight, And CEO Of Digihood Meet Luthra Knows That

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When you start on a journey into the the world of employment you don’t know what lies ahead. Especially if you are in the business of Enterpreneurship, it becomes really difficult to judge whether your targeted customers will find your product worth their time or not. Whether your work will gain popularity and expand. But, this young enterpreneur accepted to take the risk and create something that will not only serve as a base of entertainment but also showcase the power of social media.
The DigiHood media owner Meet Luthra is now a popular name among the youngsters who want to follow their own dream and try to achieve success.
If you’re someone who uses Facebook daily you’ve definitely come across the page called Sarcasm, that’s right, this young enterprenuer started this page which has now garnered 40 million likes worldwide. Not only this, Sarcasm has now become one such platform whose content is preferred by million of followers worldwide, when asked about how the audience responds to the content put up by the page, Meet Luthra said, “We always get comments like ‘Hey Sarcasm, how do you know this happened with me today?” It’s like they are shocked that everyone faces the same situations in life.”

Memes is definitely want of the digital era, everybody wants content which will not only make them laugh but also add additional value to their life. Meet Luthra observational skills have led his page to this huge success. Youngsters across the world want to know what is the key to his success, and how did his page manage to gain popularity within such a short span of time. Well, it is nothing but being aware about the need of the hour, “We observe daily life, things that people are obsessed with.We post about hollywood movies, news and entertainment”.said the DigiHood owner Meet Luthra.

One one the most common question speculating the internet is “How does the owner of Sarcasm earn money?” Sarcasm generates revenue by creating content for brand promotions, tie-ups and directing content on their platform.

There are many brands like McDonald’s, Wild Stone, Mi phones, that want Luthra to promote them on his platform, DigiHood media. DigiHood media is now the biggest media portal with over 60 million organic followers. Actors like Rajkumar Rao, singers like Neha Kakkar and Arman Malik have been seen featuring in the videos created by DigiHood media for promotional purpose.

Meet Luthra is now aiming at reaching 100 million followers for his page by 2025 and also trying to expose his page not only in the urban cities but rural areas as well. He plans of affiliating his company with big-named companies in the near future and also to expand his business by entering in the domains of promotions.

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