Sunil Grover’s Reply On Kapil Sharma Not Taking His Name In The 100th Episode Of TKSS Is Bang On!

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Sunil Grover has not been following The Kapil Sharma Show since he left.

Amidst a tough time and several rumours, The Kapil Sharma Show recently managed to complete its 100th episode. After the prominent stars of the show, Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar left the show, it has been having a tough time to give out a good content to the viewers.

Also, the rumours of the show going to be shut and Sunil’s own show and Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum replacing it, have become quite a matter of worry for Kapil. He is trying hard to regain the TRPs of the show which have currently fallen drastically.

But since the show had completed its 100 episodes, so it called for a celebration. The stage was well decorated with a big ‘100’ written in the background. In the episode, Kapil had thanked everyone for the success of his show, to those who were there with him and to even those who had left him. But he did not take anybody’s name, not even Sunil’s.

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He had said, “Today is our 100th episode. I would like to thank our audience, all the celebrities who have come to our show—be it from sports or any other industry. I would like to thank our on-stage team or backstage team and all those people who are with us today, and those who are not with us.”

In an interview with SpotboyE, Sunil has reacted on his name not being taken in such an important episode of the show. He said, “Frankly I didn’t see the 100th episode, but what difference does it make if he didn’t take my name? I was an integral part of the show, wasn’t I? Why thank me? Mera bhi toh show tha woh.”

Grover even said that he has been very busy and hence not able to follow the show after he left. He said, “I have been very busy. I have seen only few promos.”

According a report by HT, Sunil also talked about the rumours of his own show on Sony TV saying, “I have not signed any show on the same channel or anywhere else, for that matter. There are offers, but nothing has been decided yet, but I will be doing something for sure.”

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