SureWaves powers Adlabs Cinemas’ digital display network


Mumbai: Adlabs and SureWaves, a media convergence solution provider has partnered with Adlabs Digital Screen Network to helps manage delivery of content across the 150+ Digital Screen (LCD) network across 12 locations at Adlabs Cinemas through its centralised servers.

Deployed at an enterprise level the SureWaves solution enables integration of the Box Office ticketing information and displays the same on a real time basis across the screen network at Adlabs properties. The screens placed at the Box Office display ticket availability, show timings, ticket costs and an image of the film being aired at the cinema.

SureWaves has also powered the lobby screens inside the cinemas which air movie related information, cross promotions and contests which keep the consumer engaged during the course of their visit to the theatre.

Template layouts managed from a central location help manage airing of movie trailers, movie snippets, cast crew details etc providing patrons with information on the films being aired as well as the upcoming movies at the theatre. Each screen on the network is uniquely addressable from the central location. Apart from cinema theatres the SureWaves solution is also deployed at the Adlabs Digital Cinema facility powering their internal communication network for employees and visitors.

As per SureWaves CMO Tushar Vyas in a year to come more than 20 million people are expected to watch a movie on an Adlabs screen. This provides immense opportunities to disseminate a brand message and engage these consumers providing them with the Adlabs experience. We are happy to have Adlabs Cinemas as our client.

Adlabs Cinemas COO Tushar Dhingra said, "The SureWaves solution enables us to manage our network better and we are quite happy with the format in which we are engaging our consumers. Adlabs strives to deliver a top of the line world class experience to its patrons and the SureWaves solution is helping by adding value to content serving and network management."