Sushant Singh is back with Mohandas


MUMBAI: Sushant Singh is back in Bollywood. The versatile actor, who has always been acclaimed by the critics for his work, has a release scheduled soon. In Mohandas, the actor plays the imposter and takes on the identity of a man and uses it to lead his life.

"I feel terrible when people say I am back," admitted the actor who was a favourite of director Ram Gopal Varma. Having worked in Satya and Jungle, Singh has got lost in the melee of actors that came to Mumbai to act in different types of films. "I have not made the effort to meet directors. And to make it worse the recession hit the small producers who were making films catering to the multiplex audience. But now I am taking things seriously and you will see me in a lot more movies," declared Singh.

In Mohandas, Singh portrays a character which is based on several true life incidences that regularly take place in rural India. And the film is aptly titled so as to bring out those very issues that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi fought for to bring independence. Gandhiji fought for our identity and in the film, Singh usurps the identity of another man and enjoys all the privileges that come with the name, while the original man is left fighting a system that can do little to help his case.

Singh is planning to take some lessons from other actors like Manoj Bajpai and Mithun Chakraborty to come back into mainstream cinema, where the prospects of getting noticed and more money coming your way, is more likely.