Tata Elxsi brings life to Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo
Roadside Romeo

Roadside Romeo
Roadside Romeo
Mumbai: Tata Elxsi Visual Computing Labs came on board from 1 January 2007 onwards and saw Roadside Romeo come to life in 21 months. The movie took more than two and a half years to complete.

Director Jugal Hansraj said, "We have done a lot of detailing to make the film look as real as possible. Our team of photographers clicked photos of real locations in Mumbai so they could be used for referencing in the movie. We even added garbage, pot holes and stains of various types."

Tata Elxsi head of production and creative director Pankaj Khandpur added, "The detailing is so much that there is an average of 50 layers per shot. We also decided to give fur to the characters which is a very time consuming and expensive procedure."

To add to all this, there is also an item song Chuu Le Na in the film picturized on Laila with 300 furry animals in the crowd in an auditorium.

Roadside Romeo has a runtime of 95 minutes with 1400 shots. There are a total of 37 scenes in the movie including the songs.

To make the animated characters look as real as the counterparts who dubbed for it, the gestures of Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Jaaved Jaffiri were recorded on camera and then applied to the animated characters. The actors dubbed for the characters first, and then the characters were created.

Shrirang Satheye and Sohael Merchant have worked as animation directors on the movie and Anshul Chobey is the director of photography.  

Walt Disney, the co producer of Roadside Romeo, brought in its expertise on production, reporting and panning. They are also merchandising various products of the film.