Technicolor to produce children’s animated series Atomic Puppet


    MUMBAI: Technicolor announced its latest children’s animated series project, having optioned Atomic Puppet, a new action-comedy broadcast series targeted for six to eleven year olds.

    The series will be produced by Technicolor Digital Productions, in association with the team of Mark Drop and Jerry Leibowitz who created the characters and developed the series bible.

    Atomic Puppet follows the exploits of 11 year old Joey Felt and his superhero sidekick Atomic Puppet (a magical puppet that comes to life every time Joey puts it onto his hand), as they travel cross-country with Joey’s eccentric family in a run-down trailer, meeting dark forces along the way, while vigilantly fighting for truth, justice and quality goof-off time.

    Initial plans for the series include producing 52 x 11 minutes.

    “We’re thrilled to be moving forward with our plans for animated children’s television series – the appropriation of Atomic Puppet follows our announcement of Berkeley Breathed’s Pete and Pickles. Mark and Jerry have come up with a perfectly wacky and wonderful take on the superhero genre with Atomic Puppet,” said Technicolor’s Digital Productions division president Tim Sarnoff.