The Enlighten Film Society screens Making of the Mahatma


Mumbai: The Enlighten Film Society, as part of an initiative with Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, showcased world cinema to audiences by screening critically acclaimed biographies. The Society recently honored actress Waheeda Rehman with the Taj Enlighten Tareef Awards and screened Shyam Benegal’s epic film The Making of the Mahatma.

Marking the beginning of this month was the screening of the movie Guide that was attended by Rehman herself. The movie concluded with a personal ‘In conversation’ wherein she answered various questions from the audiences.

The Making of the Mahatm, a story of resistance without violence set in South Africa was graced by Rajit Kapoor who played a young and vulnerable Mahatma Gandhi that won him a National Award in 1996 and also recognition worldwide as a serious, thinking actor. Also gracing the occasion was Pallavi Joshi who played Kasturba Gandhi in the movie.   

Kapoor said, "I am truly delighted by the initiatives undertaken by the Taj Enlighten Film Society… Such efforts are truly needed today as commercial cinema tends to overshadow the value of parallel cinema."

The Taj Enlighten Film Society showcases highly acclaimed world cinema to its audiences on Sundays at Cinemax and Adlabs theaters.