The Fake IPL Player brews up a storm


MUMBAI: Now there is one very disgruntled Indian Premier League player playing in South Africa. In his blog, the player appears to know all the underhand dealings that are supposedly happening in South Africa. His blog appears every few days and is gaining popularity because of the sleaze that he writes.

No one is spared. Each big name from the world of cricket has been given a nickname and using that code name, the writer is exposing what is happening amongst the players, the owners and the commentators.

Taking immediate action, the authorities, we are told, have banned the use of laptops in the players’ rooms. But there has been no official communication regarding the same. But the writer is still at large and his last post was on the 22nd.  Looks like this player has had to sit out on the bench more often than play on the field, if his writings are as frustrated as he is.