“There is no such thing as crossover cinema” – Shah Rukh Khan

    MUMBAI: Speaking at the10th India India Today Conclave, Shah Rukh Khan said that there is no such thing as crossover cinema.
    Khan lashed out at Indian industry’s long-time obsession with crossover films and actors. He suggested a ban on the phrase crossover films because they just did not exist.  He  said, “We should instead take Bollywood to the world. Mumbai to Melrose, the road is shrinking. Warner Brothers and Sony are making movies here while UTV is doing the same in Hollywood. If you want to do crossover films, then you are barking up the wrong tree because the Indian audience loves then musical dramas.”
    Khan who was  speaking on The Arts Dialogue at the Conclave, analysed the issues plaguing the Bollywood industry. He said that the film industry has a long way to go if it truly wants to go global.
    “Bollywood needs scientific screenplay-writing and the organisation, the discipline of Hollywood and the science of marketing firms,” he added.
    Talking of making movies work in a brand new decade, he said, “Though we have the music, we are missing a symbiotic relationship with Hollywood when it comes to the film and the mathematics (or economics) of cinema.”