Time Broadband signs Bollywood content deal with Stanton Tech


MUMBAI: Time Broadband Services and Stanton Technologies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), according to which the former will provide Bollywood content to the latter.

Stanton Technologies will deliver the content in the form of internet protocol television (IPTV) to Malaysia’s DiGi Telecommunications’ D’podCast subscribers.
DiGi Telecommunications’ D’podCast subscribers will be amongst the first to watch mobile podcasts from Bollywood studios.

"D’podCast was a first-of-its kind service in Malaysia when it was launched in October 2007. DiGi subscribers would soon have access to Bollywood entertainment news, dramas and some of the latest movies reproduced into mobile episodes, or commonly known as ‘mobisodes,’ at no extra charge," said DiGi head of product development and management Albern Murty.
"This MoU reaffirms our dedication to DiGi and its customers, who expect more high quality and varied content to be part of their lives. We are confident that each DiGi customer will have in their hand the ultimate mobile entertainment experience through their handheld devices," said Stanton Technologies CEO Mervin Nevis.

"We believe the partnership between Time Broadband Services and Stanton Technologies will succeed in bringing a great experience to the people of Malaysia, and in the near future, to a great part of the South East Asia," added Time Broadband India MD and CEO Sujata Dev.

With D’podCast, DiGi customers can enjoy the mobility of listening to their podcasts anywhere, without having to first download them from the internet onto their portable music players. Mobile podcast is delivered via DiGi’s high-speed mobile network to their mobile phones when the customers watch or listen to the video and audio contents.

The podcasts will be updated automatically whenever there are new contents available on the internet as and when the customers browse the site on their phones. They can be streamed live anytime and anywhere within the DiGi network.