TinselVision launches Bollywood GINie

    MUMBAI: TinselVision, a Tinsel Cinema broadband IPTV, video-on-demand (VoD) service announced the completion of Phase III development of its online Global Intelligence Network titles Bollywood GINie.

    A secure online portal will be made accessible to select premium partners beginning in March, and provides custom tracking and analysis dashboards for licensors and advertisers who join TinselVision’s tiered partner program. Participation is by invitation only.

    "Our asset management team hails from a long legacy of best-practice research and data-driven, decision-making," remarks TinselVision’s chairman and CEO Chase Weir. "We believe maintaining market leadership relies upon the constant gathering and applied usage of actionable, real-time information. We are very pleased to share these powerful, new tools with our most trusted partners."

    Bollywood GINie links nine external and four internal database stores, correlating behavioral, demographic, navigational and transactional data in advanced, real-time cross-tabulations, with self-auditing and dual source verifications for accuracy. When married to opinion based data, market objectives and other assumption and plan drivers, GINie provides unparalleled insight into marketplace demands, opinions, preferences, trends and outcomes. TinselVision adds full-time report analyst and report engineer staff this month to complement its BI developer network.

    Ultimately, the Bollywood GINie vision contemplates a treasure trove of trillions of data points on everything Bollywood. Over the next five years, the TinselVision online and peripheral properties foresee billions of page views and ad impressions coupled with hundreds of millions of visitors, views and downloads. Already, TinselVision is generating the equivalent of $50,000+ of market research rate card data value every few days, tying together rich usage and results data which is wholly unavailable to or from traditional satellite, cable, broadcast and other distribution media.

    "Instead of relying upon third parties to aggregate incomplete and disconnected, or historic and misapplied information," says the company’s new VP of Technology, IPTV veteran Nagesh Chintada, "GINie connects all the dots at once in real-time. Every transaction connects to every other transaction." Most importantly, these vital relationships are packaged into easy-to-use snapshots and summary conclusions which immediately tell users a meaningful story. GINie’s upcoming release to partners capitalizes upon an expanding database fueled by day-over-day and month-over-month growth in traffic, downloads and relatable data. Tinsel’s vision to establish the gold standard for data mining everything Bollywood has become a reality.